John Paradise -Paradise Automotive Group and James Scarcelli – Realty One

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December 16, 2018
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December 19, 2018
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John Paradise -Paradise Automotive Group and James Scarcelli – Realty One

Truly I am between a rock and a hard place fighting this crime wave all by myself. No one has helped me in thirteen years as everyone jumps on the crime wave team. Richard Zona (Jr.), master abuser, master manipulator, as I said before, gets people to do bad deeds for him. In this case he in listed his felon charged brother in law John Paradise (second from left) to come into my marital home, the one he later in listed our next door neighbor to sell without my knowledge, and steal my car in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. That was also the night all my jewelry was stolen and later sold for $3200.00, as there is a witness. WHEN YOU LEAVE AN ABUSER THEY UNLEASH HELL. The next day I called James Scarcelli, (First on left, dorky tall guy) at Family Toyota as to this day John Paradise and James Scarcelli are great friends in this shady boys club. James Scarcelli said ” Sorry you’ve been through a hard time, BUT WE SOLD YOUR CAR!” This CRIME WAVE is bad news and I was such a victim. But now I am a survivor. As for FELON CHARGED John Paradise and his shady friend James Scarcelli, it’s ironic: after John Paradise was charged with a felony he began saying he was a changed man. “Touched by God. He’s seen the light and the error in his ways”. Felon charged, crack cocaine, and addictive gambling, who knows if he has really changed after time has passed? But I doubt it as he owns his own car lot now – Paradise Automotive Group in San Juan Capistrano – and if his conscience bothered him, with all those cars on the lot, you’d think he would want to clear his conscience and give me my Mercedes back? Gosh no…… this is a THIRTY YEAR CRIME WAVE FOLKS……… Ties that bind…

*** I KNOW, I KNOW, I MARRIED THE WRONG MAN but I did not deserve any of this.

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