If You Were Me Would You Let Richard Zona (Jr.) Off the Hook?

He Can’t Be RATIONAL – Richard Zona (Jr.)
November 24, 2018
November 27, 2018
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If You Were Me Would You Let Richard Zona (Jr.) Off the Hook?

Happy Sunday! Thank you so much for my worldwide readership. I am so grateful. My readership this week was up 30 percent. I’ve been through enough people…..the least I can do is share it honestly. But today is Sunday Funday. If you have a moment I would love to hear from you. Just reply on my contact page on my website. If you were me would you let Richard Zona (Jr.) off the hook? Richard Zona (Jr.) has not once attempted to do what is right. Richard Zona (Jr.) is in Contempt of Court. Richard Zona (Jr.) has NEVER ONCE apologized for the horrific treatment and abuse of me, the mother of his children. Time is ticking on our lives. My blog my diary of abuse takes me ten minutes a day at bedtime, as I was once threatened by Richard Zona (Jr.) I wasn’t allowed to read in bed. He felt my reading in bed was a violation of his sexual abuse, forced sex. Let me rehash to the best of my ability, some of it is “gagged”, what I have been through so you can decide if I should let this monster off the hook? Again I would love to hear your honest thoughts.
* He committed EXTREME, financial, emotional, and sexual abuse on me.
* He signed my name and sold my marital home with the next door neighbor, Berkshire Hathaway’s Laguna Beach, Judy Blossom. (Without my knowledge)
* He forged my name off our Florida Water Company.
* He took all that money and money laundered it with Cary Glenn of Main Beach Realty and they did it for Ralph Balcoff and his divorce too.
* He had his felon charged brother in law, John Paradise of Paradise Automotive, San Juan Capistrano, steal my car in the middle of the night.
* He stole my jewelry and sold it for $3200.00, confirmed by a witness.
* He owes me $2,724,000.00 from a judgement he did not honor which includes interest.
* He hacked my blog, via a flying monkey, and on numerous occasions tried to take it down, to stop the TRUTH.
* He had what many parishioners thought to be an affair with the pedophile moving priest, Msgr. John Urell, while still married to me. Monsignor Urell went on trips to Las Vegas with him and received a lavish watch.
* He had an illegitimate daughter in our marriage that he avoided paying child support for, her whole life. He can beat any system.
* He enlisted flying monkeys, criminal to boot, to terrorize and legally harass me for over nine months. And as usual he worked the system with my money.
* He fled to Florida as the TRUTH came out and an investigation is ongoing and purchased a half a million dollar house with his new flying monkey Patricia Zona. ( His new wife and one of his few stragglers left )

I would appreciate your input and thoughts as this monster has gotten away with all of it for far too long. And again….I lead a beautiful life. My truth, and other victims of abuse truth, is my freedom at bedtime, that I gained from surviving abuse.

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