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November 13, 2018
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November 16, 2018
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I Am Leaving Footprints…….

If the corruption gets to heavy, it is VERY POWERFUL, (Carly Singer was taken away in the middle of the night/Latitude Solutions) (Google it), I am leaving footprints, EVERYWHERE. MY FOOTPRINTS ARE EVERYWHERE! It is very interesting watching Indio, CA, Hueytown, Al, Philadelphia, Pa., Houston, Tx., Jonesboro, Ak, San Clemente, Ca, Plymouth Mtg., Pa., Austin, Tx, INDIA!, and even Islamabad reading my diary of domestic abuse!!! Just to name a few! I am so grateful for the supportive readers but to the haters, you may go away. My readership is sky high!! And my footprints are impacted on the internet, in the Lumen Database, at the Desert Sun, at, in the Palm Springs Courthouse, and in the Indio Courthouse. Letters have been sent to all the appropriate legal institutions that have the ability to help me. I have left my footprints……… and for the solid nine months of my life that corruption came at me full force, all of ya that tried to stop me from telling the TRUTH, my FOOTPRINT has been left in cement.
Just today! Thank you readers (from ALL over the world) for visiting my site…my footprints and message is hitting HOME!

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