Legal Abuse. Your WORST Nightmare.

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October 6, 2018
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October 11, 2018
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Legal Abuse. Your WORST Nightmare.

Having left my abusive marriage I have suffered legal abuse to the extreme. Years of it, and recently I experienced it at TRAUMA level degrees. You leave your abuser and then where do they turn to further abuse…….the courts. It has now happened to me in Orange County with Atty Bonnie Rosen and Judge Naughton and in Riverside County with Judge Kira Klatchko. The same narcissist, my ex abusive husband, at the helm. (Believe me he was at the helm as it was HIS SIGNATURE on the document) (He has made living off of signing others names, mine more than once) When this occurs, you do feel like you are in an alternative reality. A nightmare you can not escape from. And it is a published fact of the occurrences in courts. Judges are supposed to be “HONORABLE”. The courts are supposed to be fair and just. The re-abusive nature in courts THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR. NONE. It is THE JUDGES JOB to not get it incorrect. A courtroom is a narcissists heaven. They thrive in this atmosphere. IT IS A PROBLEM. Women that have contacted me via my blog in the OC are going through the exact same abuse in the court in the OC, with THE SAME Atty Bonnie Rosen and Judge Naughton, that I went through 13 years ago. I have told them as well to contact the FBI as it is corruption plain and simple.

~ My abuser came to court equipped with an attorney. His lawyer was a tall man with an olive complexion and an easy self-confidence that he showcased by strolling through the courtroom, addressing the clerks by name and punctuating their interactions with a rolling belly laugh. My abuser’s attorney had all the papers in order. I, attorneyless, did not.

When the judge entered she told me I needed a lawyer, and offered me a continuance I didn’t know I could request. I took it, thinking it would give me a little more time before my son would officially belong to the man who had terrorized me when I was little more than a child myself. I knew the continuance would ultimately make no difference; there was no attorney I could afford.

This type of legal divide is not uncommon. According to the American Psychological Association, abusive fathers file for sole custody more often than fathers who have no history of domestic violence. Since 99 percent of domestic violence victims also face some form of financial abuse, abusers tend to have more money and thus more access to legal resources than the women fleeing their abuse. That gives them an advantage in the courts that makes them just as likely, or even more likely, to gain custody.

Litigation gave him freedom to pick at the most private things about me.
These prolonged legal battles can turn into an abuse of their own. Court-related abuse—sometimes called litigation abuse—is a widely under-recognized phenomenon in which a perpetrator of intimate partner violence will use family law court as a means of maintaining contact with their victims, even when legal protections would otherwise forbid it. Women and their children who have endured horrific abuses, including sexual molestation and rape, can be forced to interact repeatedly with their assailants in the courtroom upon escaping the relationships.

THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR A JUDGE THAT ALLOWS THIS MANIPULATION IN THEIR COURTROOM. I told the TRUTH………… I SPELLED IT OUT. AND YET, Judge Kira Klatchko perpetuated and allowed continued abuse of me. Could I have won if I abused back (?)…………….YOU DON’T WIN. I took the HIGH ROAD.

Ps. Judge Kira Klatchco sure didn’t offer me the opportunity to get an attorney nor a continuance, nor did that NON JUDGE in Palm Springs who took it one step further and DENIED me an attorney.


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