Judge Kira Klatchko and “Demeanor”

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October 3, 2018
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October 5, 2018
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Judge Kira Klatchko and “Demeanor”

I sat there in her courtroom after being legally hit, terrorized, and harassed for nine months straight. A team of lawyers after me…..five to be exact. Against just me. I had been in a family court before against my abusive husband who controlled every aspect of my life. No attorney, oh you can’t afford one, as your abusive ex controls all the finances. I didn’t have access to five dollars from a twenty year marriage unless he gave it to me. And he demanded sex for it. Not only does he control the finances but now that you dared to leave he is trying to ruin you 24/7. It’s been thirteen years since I left and he is still trying to ruin me. I endured nine months of pure hell while he and his flying monkeys terrorized me. But I stood up to him. Here I was again, this time in Judge Kira Klatchko’s courtroom. I watched one , two, three, four people go before my hearing. Judge Kira Klatchko kept saying ” I watched your demeanor.” And the one with the “demeanor” she watched that she did not approve of…..got it. And then it was my turn. I cried. I guess I haven’t healed yet, Judge Kira Klatchko, as I had been going through trauma for over twenty eight years which was enhanced in the last nine months. I cried. Even though I told the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. The TRUTH was PROVED by a criminal arrest but I still got it from Judge Kira Klatchco….. but it’s too late…..the long term damage was done. The damage extending another three years….. a family ripped apart by domestic abuse. Judge Kira Klatchko wanted to know “if my blog was down?”. Hmmmm. Why? Why would Judge Kira Klatchko want my blog down? I did fabulous, beneficial to potential victims,, and TRUTHFUL investigative research and gathering information on my blog. I am not healed and I cried in Judge Kira Klatchko’s courtroom. My demeanor was not approved of by her after suffering twenty eight plus years of domestic abuse. (IT LASTS A LIFETIME: BEWARE) I TOLD THE TRUTH, which she knows, but by her I was treated as just another crazy abused nut job woman in her courtroom. *** It is a fact abused individuals are often re victimized in court by attorneys and judges. BUT, SHE GOT IT WRONG. I have not healed from trauma and abuse fully but I AM STRONG and I allow NO ONE TO DEFINE ME.

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  1. I was in front of the dishounourable Kira Klatchko and found her to be the person I’ve ever seen least interested in justice. She was RUDE to me immediately, before the hearing started. I’ve received the court transcripts and there are a lot of “Inaudible” where there should be comments made by kira. She mocked me in the worst, childish manor. I haven’t seen the likes since I was a tyke. To let you know, I am a man. My girlfriend and I have lived together for twenty years. She was horribly emotionally and psychologically abusive to me for the last two years or so. Love is blind. I truly Love her and trusted her with EVERYTHING. We bought a home together nine years ago. She is a math wiz and has a brilliant business mind.I did MUCH manual labour and we matched dollar for dollar on the home’s purchase. she showed me paperwork where the home is in a trust with me listed
    just under her name. She must have found a new Love because she used a Restraining Order to have me removed from my home by force of the Riverside County Sherriff’s Department and Palm Springs Police. Guns drawn, I was handcuffed and dragged out of my home. She was gone as were my car keys. I was left with a roller bag suitcase and a backpack packed by the evil Sheriff Alexander. I had no money, no rights, no desire to live. She created lies and had been planning this for a while. She turned my best friends against me. I naturally called my two best friends and neither would respond. I was beyond being “In Shock”. I had woken in one world and found myself in another. Twilight Zone and not a happy One. I wanted to get off in Willoughby. I wanted to be George Bailey, to never have been born. But I had one hope. The truth and justice would prevail. Then I appeared in front of kira klatchko. “abandon hope all ye who enter here” was THE ONLY THING I COULD HEAR IN MY MIND and felt in my heart. I have never abused or harmed my girlfriend or any other woman in my life, my mother raised me properly. She used this as an eviction and to keep me from my property and my cat’s which I Love as children. kira was mocking me throughout the hearing, which she had moved to the end of her day so there were no non-court related persons available as witnesses. I am just this week able to go outside with panic attacks and am coming out of a debilitating shock. I am no where near my normal, but I can function. kira awarded a five year restraining order and 100 yards distance from my home and all the rest you know about. I cannot see my cats. My Love said I might harm them in an attempt at revenge on her. I am a vegetarian out of my Love for animals, she became one on her own after we started seeing each other, no pressure from me. I would never spray someone’s fur coat or judge what another eats, it’s my personal choice. I am banned from seeing my cats for five years, some of them probably won’t be alive. I Love them so much. I was never allowed to speak on my behalf at the hearing, Family Court, ALL RIGHTS OUT THE WINDOW. Soildier’s deaths seem sadly worthless when one is deprived of all rights. Family Court, no “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”. Thrown on the street like trash. kira will answer for her actions from my hearing when I find a way for “Judges” to be investigated.. I am waking from a hellish nightmare. I have no concern for what might happen to me for having kira investigated. I will find proper channels and she will answer for her behavior, although I have zero faith anyone in the California courts will see anything in my favour, I’ll not back down. NO ONE ELSE EVER NEED FEEL THE PAIN AND HELPLESSNESS I’ve lived since late December 2017. I am a MAN ON FIRE. They can burn me at the stake or hang me like the “Witches” in Salem but I AIN”T BACKING DOWN!!!!!!!

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Without judgement of your case, as I have no inclination or authority to do so, I do understand frustrating feelings of injustice, American rights violated, the use of the court system for unjust means ( in my case criminal means ) ……..it is horrible. Legal options do exist. You may file a complaint with the Commission on Judicial Performance:
      Commission On Judicial performance
      455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 14400
      San Francisco, CA 94102.

      Or you can always contact the FBI with your concerns.

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