A White Sand Beach – Due Process Denied In Ca. Court

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October 1, 2018
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October 4, 2018
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A White Sand Beach – Due Process Denied In Ca. Court

Whitsunday Island Beach

Thirteen years ago when I left domestic abuse I experienced trauma and the trauma lasted several years. This weekend I had a conversation with an emergency room doctor. He asked me if I had suffered trauma recently because he felt that I had? I told him yes, in fact, I had experienced trauma for nine months straight. I suffered nine months of trauma at the hands of my ex abusive husband and his evil flying monkeys. I am feeling less traumatized, as I have been told I can now sleep at night, but a white sand beach could surely speed up the healing. Maybe……soon.
I am listening to all the talk about the importance of due process. Mine was denied. My first amendment right violated, forbidden prior restraint issued to gag me from telling the TRUTH to the public. I was denied an attorney. I am forced to keep what caused my trauma a SECRET. Every MAN and WOMAN should have their right to due process. BUT….. MY STORY WILL BE TOLD.

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