The Gang Is Back….
September 27, 2018
“Tracy – He Was NEVER Going To Do The Right Thing”
September 30, 2018
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It is WRONG the abuse I suffered at the hands of my abusive ex husband. It is WRONG all the money, jewelry, and even a car he and his family stole from me. It is WRONG he has not honored our judgement. It is WRONG he forced me to have sex while married. It is WRONG he has gotten away with it for years. It is WRONG he has made no attempt to repair the damage he has caused. He just continues to live like the monster he is, without a conscience. He has had four weeks since the terrorization of me, which lasted nine months, came to a head. I think it is time to re – release the files I can. Starting next week. You know, the files I wasn’t gagged from telling the TRUTH. It’s still a battle. Some women get heard and some do not. I WILL BE HEARD. This is my diary of a lifetime of abuse that never ends.

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