September 10, 2018
Navigating Through A Nine Month Minefield
September 11, 2018
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I read Ronan Farrow’s article today about the Les Moonve’s (CBS) sexual harassment and abuse of working women, (too much power over their livelihood ), and am thankful for the victims it is now exposed. (Ronan Farrow can tell a true story but I, a woman that has suffered horrendous abuse, can not) I’m GAGGED! At least not on my blog! And again in reading the New Yorker I came across the words below. I can’t understand EVER how there are enablers to these tiny sick men. I keep saying it over and over again that the flying monkeys are vicious. It is not ONE abuser it is many more that jump on the train. You can not imagine the amount of horrible energy that comes your way in standing up to harassment and abuse. Between the abuser himself, the flying monkeys and enablers, and their women that look the other way…..let me tell you from experience….it is a powerful force. And every single time you stand up for yourself this powerful force comes at you like nothing you can imagine.

“CBS is a multibillion-dollar corporation, with dozens of divisions, and Moonves is only indirectly involved with many of them. However, experts on sexual harassment told me that misconduct by a chief executive can reverberate across aspects of even the largest companies. “If you have a company with an abuser on the top, they typically surround themselves with people like them, who engage in similar behavior,” Debra Katz, a lawyer specializing in sexual harassment, told me. “It can put a set of enablers in place, who protect powerful people when they get challenged for misconduct, and who work to discredit and manage out women who come forward with allegations

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