Thank You Eugene Volokh and Reason Magazine For Telling My Story: I Can’t!

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August 29, 2018
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Thank You Eugene Volokh and Reason Magazine For Telling My Story: I Can’t!

First of all thank you, I am grateful and honored, to Eugene Volokh (UCLA Law Professor) and Reason Magazine for taking an interest and writing a story about the violation of one women’s, mine, Tracy Zona’s, right to freedom of speech. (THE FIRST AMENDMENT). Like you, I wrote the TRUTH and my blog was “editorial independence”. How did this happen? I have an idea. I will let others tell my story. For now. Not only was my right violated but the public’s right to awareness was violated as well. Not cool and very scary for these true facts to be withheld from the public by a GAG ORDER.

“The once rigid edifice of traditional media continues to evolve, driven by changing attitudes of both news consumers and those who actually produce the original content. Media hybrids are emerging, attuned to people rather than news conglomerates, perhaps. Case in point: An influential Washington Post blogger has bid farewell to that news organization. The Volokh Conspiracy — a legal and policy blog launched 15 years ago by UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh — has moved to Reason Magazine, published by the Los Angeles-based Reason Foundation, a bastion of libertarian principles, including individual liberty, free markets and the rule of law.

Mr. Volokh — whose has two dozen law professors and attorneys on his vibrant team — describes the contributors as “libertarian, conservative, centrist, or some mixture of these.” He also says he was concerned by The Post’s ever-tightening paywall and said that he wanted to assert the blog’s editorial independence — “making sure that we can write what we want, in the way that we think is right.”

So he left.

I am grateful for such a blog of DISTINGUISHED LAW PROFESSORS to take the violation of my RIGHT to freedom of speech with such interest and educated opinion. Thank you!


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