This Little BLOG Of Mine! UP 84.7%!!

Thank You FAC and David Snyder
August 26, 2018
I Love My Mom and Dad – A Loving Childhood
August 29, 2018
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This Little BLOG Of Mine! UP 84.7%!!

Yes you heard that right! My blog readership is UP 84.7%!!! I have so many options as I am weighing each one carefully. TELL YOUR STORY ANY WAY YOU CAN as I have found there are a multitude of options. It’s like the old saying ” when one door closes many more will open.” And they sure have!! I hope the world had a smooth Monday. Hold on to your hats as Tracy Zona’s doors are blowing wide open!!!

“Democracy dies when we deny speech of those whom we oppose and our collective heart suffocates, with each individual not being able to speak freely. The tyranny triumphs the rule of law when we can’t breathe through diverse opinions and perspectives to inspire one another to form a court of public opinion.”

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