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August 15, 2018
August 17, 2018
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Compassion For The Abused

Let’s have it, COMPASSION for the abused! Human compassion can be as simple as saying ” I am so sorry that happened to you.” ” Is there anything I can do to help you?” Why is that so hard? Or how about ” I am sorry for the things I did ” from the abuser……… “Can I make amends for it?” All those children abused by the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania, the corruption, why did it take 70 YEARS? I actually know a man that was raped by a Catholic priest that the church knew he had done the same to others and was moved to a new parish. He went to the ONE MAN that was supposed to help him that knew about the previous abuse and instead of COMPASSION IN THE NAME OF GOD, he received a ” your crazy “, ” No one has ever said that before ” (EVEN THOUGH HE KNEW HE HAD), ” Leave this church at once, we do not want your kind here. ” Acknowledgement of the abuse could be so healing to all involved. In most cases victims get re-abused when they do come forward and called names (called “CRAZY”), it’s a burden they do not need to bare. They have enough pain, already and they do not need more.

~ Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro sent the Pope a letter last month asking him to call on church leaders to “abandon their destructive efforts to silence the survivors” and stick to his plan of holding “clergy and bishops accountable when they abuse or fail to protect the children.” ~


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